Block paving.

We pride ourselves in using only the best products available and qualified tradesmen who are trained to a high standard. We will spend as much time as is necessary in advising you and discussing our products and services. We trained in all aspects of Block Paving and will ensure your installation meets the latest Planning and Building Regulations, especially with regards to drainage


Hand laying tarmacadam.


The majority of small and awkward tarmacadam laying jobs that we do can be completed by hand laying methods.

This method is usually undertaken when there is no access for plant on site or the amount being laid doesn't warrant being laid by machine.

The process comprises the tarmac being brought to the job on the back of a wagon covered by insulated sheets or in a insulated vehicle (hot box) to keep the tarmac workable.

Then it is generally dropped or shovelled into wheel barrows and taken to the area of the site.

The skilled contractor will then use his experience to rake the Tarmac level ready to compact. Tarmac drives, paths & footpaths are perfect for being hand laid.


Retaining walls.

A properly constructed masonry wall can add significantly to the value of your home while increasing its visual appeal. The virtually maintenance-free durability of a wall is legendary and the design possibilities are almost limitless.

Accidents, age and earthquakes take their toll on your block walls. We can provide cost-effective repairs to block walls to improve the appearance and curb appeal of your old walls.




Footings are an important part of foundation construction.

They are typically made of concrete with rebar reinforcement that has been poured into an excavated trench.

The purpose of footings is to support the foundation and prevent settling.

Placement of footings is crucial to provide the proper support for the foundation and ultimately the structure.

Concrete footings may also be needed for projects such as a deck, pergola, retaining wall or other types of construction.


Footings are especially important in areas with troublesome soils.




We will manage your project from conception to completion with full project management of your building project.

Our fully qualified team of tradesman have the knowledge and experience to undertake any construction contract.

As independent building contractors we understand the importance of completing all work to the highest of standards while offering value for money and outstanding customer service.

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver quality workmanship regardless of the task in hand and endeavour to reflect this in every type of job we undertake.